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I’ve already lost one mate, but I can’t help but want Soledad Martinez for my own. Unfortunately, she proves to be as elusive as the jaguar sharing her consciousness. Every time I think I might get close to her, she slips through my finge...
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Shifter's Mates 6: The Jaguar Knight
After an exhausting and dangerous journey from my home in Brazil to Atlanta, my sisters and I join the exodus of refugees emigrating to Ximera. Though my sisters both find mates, mine is unwilling. I try not to take offense, knowing my little family ...
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Shifter's Mates 5: The Jaguar Rogue
My brother is dead, executed at the hand of my beautiful and fierce snow leopard mate, Chen Daiyu. But Norkad was a pawn in a bigger game, and chose death over helping me protect my female. I want to resurrect him just to kill him all over again. ...
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Shifter's Mates 4: The Leopard Prince
I traveled across two continents to guide and protect the shifter clans during the exodus to our new home in the Ximeran system. Though my journey was hard, my ancestors promised me happiness with a mate when I finish my tasks. The ancestors were wro...
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Shifter's Mates 3: The Leopard Mage
Now that I've teased my beautiful Renata's mating bite from her, I can finally take her home and claim her like a Ximeran warrior should. Shifters are still being stolen from Earth, and I know we have to stop it, but it can wait until my mate...
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Shifter's Mates 2: The Tiger King
Jackson: I need a wife. I'd much rather keep my string of submissives and the occasional lady I can take out in public, but my job -- no, my very identity as Jackson McKenna, CEO of McKenna Logistics -- is at risk if I don't find some woman t...
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Roosters 3: Bastard's New Baby
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I'm the last of the Andreyev tigers. My species is extinct, except for me. Tigers used to be considered royalty. Atlanta is cold and dark now, and no safe haven remains in the once vibrant city. The devastating solar storms a hundred years ago sa...
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Shifter's Mates 1: The Tiger Queen

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