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Registered nurse, Alaina Lowell, has seen enough troubled marriages to sully her view of wedded bliss, so she has no plans to marry—or let a man have any over control her life—ever. On the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Flagstaff, A...
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Lost in Time
Martha Lavery Chance is a woman with a dark secret—a wild-hearted, amoral, alter personality, Serena, created to save her sanity as a child in danger. At present, living with a wonderful man, Martha refuses to marry him, believing it will cost ...
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At a “fat” convention in Tahiti, an attack by pirates, during a storm at sea, leaves Jamie Moran stranded on a deserted island with Mick, a craven, yet devilishly handsome drug smuggler she’d pulled from the raging water. Fearful...
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She went west to marry a stranger… In 1892, Hannah Carlson, an innocent young farm girl from Iowa, arrives in Flagstaff, Arizona, as a mail-order bride. She marries Jacob Moore and soon finds herself isolated on his ranch with a sadistic mo...
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She’s left with nothing and has no means of survival… In the Depression-plagued rural Wisconsin of 1932, Annalee Lines loses her husband to an accident and her home to a fire within a few short months of each other. The abusive husban...
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A Marriage of Convenience
She believes she’s made a good marriage—but she never experiences the happiness and joy she'd expected… Her harsh, forbidding husband makes Amanda Bradshaw feel more like a brood mare than a wife, and she never experiences t...
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Ranch Wife
She’s at it again—just can’t seem to stop… Widowed R.N. Martha Chance’s futile attempts to rid the world of sexual predators takes her into the realm of terrifying, sadistic criminals, where she uncovers corrupt but ...
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The Avenger
Saudi Arabia is an ancient culture as old as time itself, yet filled with all the modern conveniences that money provides. Restless and looking for something new and exciting, two nurses traveled to this ancient kingdom to ply their skills and practi...
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Lifting the Veil of Secrets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
He makes her feel safe—when he isn’t accusing her of murder… Hettie Jamison lost her husband in 1892 and now, two years later, her ranch hand has been murdered and her cattle are being rustled. When the sheriff of Flagstaff...
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Jake's Song
The last thing she needs is another man she can’t afford to trust... When Cherry Bender discovers her father’s been fatally wounded, she vows to find his killer and stop the constant trouble on her ranch. Very short-handed, but uns...
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Stranger on the Tonto

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