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Raven and Lain Bower are a wife and husband team obsessed with creating worlds, creatures, stories and chaos. They live in North West Michigan with their four rambunctious kids, two renegading Hell Hounds and alien doom cat. When not occupied with the aforementioned minions or writing, they enjoy gaming of all sorts from PC to console to tabletop, voracious reading, target shooting and gardening – gothic style.

Their books include the Apparitions supernatural suspense series: Apparitions, Wendigo and Rags Beneath (2012).

The Vengeance urban fantasy series: Primal, Smoke (2013) and Dead Moon (2013/14)

And their new epic fantasy series Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge, Sorrow's Gate (2013)

And the sexy, adventure fantasy novella: Nymph's Lair (2012)

To find out more about Raven and Lain you may visit their website at or email

Current Releases
Pursued by a ruthless crime lord after witnessing the murder of an FBI agent, Wrey must rebuild the life they stole from her. When she meets mysterious Arvon Night, her precious new life unravels as she’s thrust into a web of betrayal, lust ...
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Shunned by the man she loves Bailey Khane seeks solitude in the wilds to mend her heart. But her vacation is disrupted when an evil entity is mistakenly released by an ancient spell. As it gorges itself on the citizens of Whisper, Bailey struggles...
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Hunted by a killer who knows no mercy. Stalked by the vengeful dead. Caught between reality and visions...Bailey fights to piece the puzzle together before it crashes down on her. Is the man staying in her boathouse friend... or foe? And what part...
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