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Raven McCracken

Raven c.s. McCracken is the creator of THE WORLD OF SYNNIBARR; THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURER'S GUIDE; and CRYPT: THE PHARAOH'S CURSE. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

He is the author of the short story collection I EAT BUTTERFLIES (Tales of Vampires, Mages and Mutants) available on Amazon Kindle. Each of the stories from the book is also available as a "single" eBook - THE BRIDES, MERLIN'S KNOT and VELOCITY SYNDROME. His newest book is IT'S ALWAYS SPRING BREAK SOMEWHERE IN THE GALAXY, a sci fi rock and roll romp through space. Coming soon: MAGE WARRIOR, a fantasy novel set in the Worldship Synnibarr Centiverse, and TEMPORAL ILLUSIONS, a fantasy novella also set in Synnibarr.

Raven also just recently filmed a background role in Matthew Lillard's upcoming punk music film, FAT KID RULES THE WORLD (based on the book by K.L. Going).

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Current Releases
Follow the antics of The Misplaced, as they introduce the galaxy to rock and roll with Earth’s very first starship. Nothing stops this hardrockin’ group as they explore outerspace, with an in-your-face attitude. Join Dan, Lis...
Available Now!
It's Always Spring Break Somewhere In The Galaxy
What happens when you combine ancient Celtic magic and artificial intelligence? Hidden for centuries and concealed by codes hidden in Celtic knots, Alan Clark, a computer programmer, and his friends are about to rediscover Merlin's magic, but ...
Available Now!
Merlin's Knot
Review by James Gormley - "'Velocity Syndrome' is a cohesive, fast-paced story of a post-diluvian Earth peopled by the products of unfettered genetic experimentation that have enhanced abilities, including: the main...
Available Now!
Velocity Syndrome
Review by James Gormley - “The Brides, “ looking back from a steamy modern world of pole-dancing fanged strippers and latter-day vampire princes, McCracken serves up a new twist on the Dracula mythos, linking a regic...
Available Now!
The Brides

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