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Raven Morris loves celebrating birthdays. Has she ever received a present like this? Ah, that’s for this fiction writer to know and you to wonder… But instead of wondering about her love life, set your imagination to work on your own. And if her books can help those fantasies along, well, everyone has a birthday. You can put all her books on your wish list.



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What would you like to unwrap on your birthday?

Imagine all the possibilities…

Birthday girls, Debra, Nicole, and Heather, not only imagine the possibilities, they get to act on them. These are gifts they’ll never forget... all Tied with a Bow.

JACKED, book 1: Jack and Debra - a secret fantasy with a best friend. Debra's birthday is just about to get JACKED.

MAXED, book 2: Max and Nicole - Max has loved her for years. Tonight's the night he's going to make his move. All of them. Nicole's about to get MAXED out.

ROCKED, book 3: Rock and Heather - a younger man and a milestone birthday. Is Heather up for having her world ROCKED?


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Raven Morris, author of erotic romance

Raven Morris, author of erotic romance

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