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When Kenneth and Thorn learn the planned coup by the Iris is imminent, they have no time to lose. They head to the capital city of Arktaine to find a way to foil the Iris’ plans. Since people have become aware of them as Enforcers, they are for...
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In a time when interstellar travel has become a reality, men who wish to undertake such long journeys must be willing to make a few… changes… to their bodies. Body modification and cybernetic enhancements become the new norm which allow...
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Mission Erotica: Sexy Cyborg Tales
With danger mounting, Kenneth and Thorn travel to Elesborough to recruit allies for their cause. A friendly place, Elesborough is the first city to have a talentless governor since the war ended, and for his part in this, Thorn is seen as a hero. ...
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Kenneth is thrilled to have found a lifemate in Thorn, who doubles his magical power just by being close. When his new power becomes difficult to manage, Kenneth and Thorn take their relationship to the next level. Kenneth will live with Thorn for a ...
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A Magical Intimacy: An Enforcer's Side Story
Having survived a dangerous ordeal, Kenneth is ready to spend time at home with his partner Thorn, relaxing and recovering after his brush with death. But Enforcers rarely have time to themselves, and they must continue investigating their newfound e...
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Kenneth and Thorn have put a stop to Alder’s cruel experiments on Talentless, but their work as Enforcers is far from over. In the heart of the magi capital, they find out that Alder is part of a larger organization—and Alder has allies t...
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  Thorn and Kenneth begin their lives after college, and Thorn has his work cut out for him when he goes to meet Kenneth’s parents. The Victeni are nobility and have no problem putting Thorn in his place—or worse, simply ignor...
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The Exam
  Lord Kenneth Victeni has every opportunity and every privilege. As the noble son of a powerful mage, he puts little thought into the lives of the talentless, the second class citizens who cannot use magic in a world ruled by mages. ...
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Noble Magic
What does it mean to be human?   Blurb: Herman, a cyborg soldier, is saved by one of the enemy. Now he must ultimately decide where his loyalties lie--with the space dwelling society who designed him to be an efficient killer, or ...
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The Perils of Forgotten Pain

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