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Published since 2002, Ravyn Wilde writes Hot romance filled with things that go bump in the night! Get Wilde with a werewolf, or vampire, maybe a dragon or two...and keep track because once in awhile, a story-worthy human comes along.

Ravyn is passionate about her family, the beach, and the hammock in her backyard where she stares up at the treetops and formulates her books. Oh, and coffee…she’s very passionate about coffee.

Ravyn Wilde writes hot romantic books with strong, capable women and happily-ever-after endings. She is a firm believer in escapism, preferring to read and write stories that have little basis in the real world. Therefore, most of her books are paranormal and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Ravyn has lived all over the western United States, and in a few exotic places like New Guinea and Singapore. Currently living in Utah, she is married with three grown children, and a fabulously fun, growing hoard of grandchildren.
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 “Some mornings it’s best just to fill the sink with coffee, dunk your head in it, and SUCK!”
--from the plaque in my kitchen
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Natasha Romanov's mother and witchy best friend, forced her to attend the Supernatural Speed Dating event. It doesn't matter that she is over a hundred-years-old, and should be allowed to make up her own mind. Not to mention that she is ...
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Supernatural Speed Dating (Creatures of Myth)
In the year 2203, the tenuous truce between humans and Others, straddles the line between hate rhetoric from the fanatical One Racers, and acceptance by more liberal humans. Angry cracks appear in this diplomatic accord when human children are kidnap...
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Luke & Jezebel (Creatures of Myth)
  The biggest threat to Zane Patrick's sanity, just bought the house next door! This two-hundred and fifty-year-old vampire, just wants to be left alone to raise his horses, and live as normally as possible. Refusing the he...
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Written In The Ruby (Creatures of Myth)
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Vampire Sentinel, Marie Antoinette, has seen it all. Lived it all. She spends her nights alone, protecting humans and immortals, until an unidentified evil drives her to find help. An old, human friend introduces her to his son, Justin. The attractio...
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Let Them Eat Cake (Creatures of Myth)
This Creatures of Myth short story collection contains Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic, and Unholy Magic. There are three strong women - who are SO much more than they seem. And three men - who severely underestimate the women &...
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Magic & Myth (Creatures of Myth)
  Romance Duo - Two hot, contemporary romance stories!   Jenna and Joey's lives are falling apart. Jenna's ex-husband is trying to kill her. Joey can no longer do her job with her self-esteem in tat...
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Saved By The Book
  In the year 2203, Geneticist Eve Longtree is afraid of only one thing—being mated by a werewolf and having her life dictated by an alpha male. Then Adam Greyclan showed up at her door—in his wolf form!   Adam has been s...
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Adam & Eve: A.D.2203 (Creatures of Myth)

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