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I started writing in 1988 for my church's Advent booklet, then continued the writings and in 2001 published "Good Morning, Father!".  I started looking for other genres to write in and realized, "Hey, I love romance stories, why not write my own?"  So, I did.  "Hopeful Chances" was published in 2006.  I'm still writing - love to tell stories and have happy endings for my characters.  I live in Columbia, SC with my parents and my poodle, Fifi. 
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Jaralyn Collins and Andrew Kerrigan, formerly engaged, are reunited when Andrew’s brother, Thomas, urgently calls Andrew home to help solve a rash of equine thefts spanning the past three years. Apparently no one has been able to pin down the r...
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Hopeful Chances
Good Morning, Father! was written with quiet time in mind. It was written for people who want to make time for their spiritual growth and relationship with their heavenly Father. It was written as a result of the insights and lessons the Lord gave me...
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Good Morning, Father

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