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Suz Lore thought she had everything she wanted, a job as an engineer and a position on a colony ship headed to another planet. That was before her arranged ménage marriage with Robert Smith and David Bradford turned into a disaster. She’...
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Sabotaged Desires
Part of the Primal Attractions series.   Cami’s hunted by two vicious men from her past. It’s the only reason she follows her newfound visions to the two powerful Santir shapeshifters, Linc and Colm. Intense attraction and...
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Her Mates’ Embrace
Book 4 in the Protective Affairs series.   When Gavin tells Protectorate analyst Diana that she’s his mate, she doesn’t believe him. After all, a werewolf doesn’t date—he claims. Diana knows this, and therefore...
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Uncertain Claim
Bianca Bryant is back in Louisiana seeking help to destroy the Beast hunting her, but it’s the last place she wants to be. Immediate attraction bursts into flame the moment she meets gorgeous twin alphas Matt and Max, but discovering they&rs...
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Exile's Longing
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Sci-Fi, Shape-Shifter.  A story set in the same world as the Primal Attraction series.   Stranded at a cabin on the mountain by a fierce storm, Tori Cha’Nesat doesn’t expect to meet a gorgeous but apparently intox...
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Hunted Intensity
Set in the same world as Between Two Tiron. Raine’s caught in an impossible situation. She needs to get to another planet to help her friend. Forced to take a temporary position on a Feiral trade ship, she’s surrounded by trouble and ...
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Desperate Measures
Lisia Fariel only wants to go home. She’s willing to try anything to get there. She never expected to meet a large Aridi male or to feel such a connection to anyone, much less someone so handsome, dominant and possessive. Jarritt E’Sa...
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Lisia's Journey
Meagan’s village is under attack and she’s been accused of being a spy. Refusing to let her home fall to the Dark Sorcerer, she has no choice but to take up the weapons of her ancestors. Dealing with the two gorgeous men who come to aid h...
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Chosen Destiny

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