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Rebecca D. Myers, married, mother of two. Resides in Milton, Florida. Author of "My Journey To Heaven And Back." Retired Registered Nurse. I at home just typing away. Looking forward to finishing my second book which will go more into detail about my life and describe more abuse during my lifetime. Thank the Lord I end up happily married to a great man and I never new what love was until I met this wonderful man. I hope someone somewhere will be blessed by my writing and realize life is what YOU make it. You do not need your past to hold you back from a beautiful future.

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Imagine your life has been in turmoil since birth. Then you find your soul mate, the love of your life intending to spend years of married bless together. Suddenly, you die prematurely. You awaken to peaceful joy and are embraced in warmth of exce...
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My journey to heaven and back

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