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Rebecca Symmons

At night Rebecca Symmons, 44, is a freelance writer of erotic fiction. By day she can be found in the shop of her south London picture framing business. After studying art history at university she moved abroad with her husband, living in the south of Spain until 2009. Acting on the slogan ‘everyone has a novel inside them’ she finally put finger to keyboard in 2013. Following the often quoted advice ‘write what you know about and are interested in’ she produced Seventy Three, the first book telling the story of Oakham, a discreet London society.

Current Releases
Located in central London, England, the offices of the Oakham Group provide an outlet for submissive women, both single and married. With membership through word of mouth and recommendation only, the group are able to safeguard their own, and the mem...
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Seventy Three

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