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For many survivors of child sex abuse, there is a lifelong battle for understanding and acceptance, not only from others, but also from themselves. .. "Former model turned actor Adrian Lee can barely list age range '23-29' on...
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The Agony of Joy
Silence is Multi-colored in My World is an imaginative collection of memories and observations written from the perspective of a young man who was orphaned early, who was gay, deaf and Russian. He was simple and complex, light-hearted and serious,...
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Silence is Multi-Colored In My World
Tomasz is the most beautiful young man Michael has ever seen, as flawless as a painting by Caravaggio, and despite his relationship with his longtime lover Jörg, Michael must possess Tomasz. Since Tomasz wants to come to Berlin to enroll in f...
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Caravaggio and the Swan

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Songs of the Universal Vagabond
When Robin, a young university student, saves the life of a beautiful youth, he finds he's made a devoted friend. But without memory and voice, the newly named Angel is a mystery, occasionally exasperating with his child-like qualities yet with to...
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The Angel of Berlin
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While working in a Dublin nightclub, Liam becomes obsessed with a beautiful patron whom he names Silky, because of the man's extravagant furred coat. It inspires countless wonderful fantasies but what happens when he's caught at play? A short erot...
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The Coat: Secrets of a Hatcheck Boy
John Jones believed himself the most proper and enlightened of gay men. Professional, well read and boyishly handsome despite his age. He also believed himself open-minded, tolerant and devoid of vice. Yet in the end he cannot resist the temp...
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The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire
First in the series, The Night Cat, "Katrdeshtr's Redemption". Description: "Ancient, brutal beauty, Katrdeshtr the Night Cat, Russian vampire and incorrigible mischief maker turns to old pleasures to relieve his eternal boredom, yet when his some...
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Katrdeshtr's Redemption
To escape a troubled home, Jamie works the night shift at a department store with a rag-tag group of punks, war veterans, and bickering couples. He’s unsure what direction he wants to take in life until a mysterious new co-worker arrives. With...
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Night Shift
Everyone has heard of the casting couch, but did you know it stretches far beyond Hollywood? Many a stud has used his "talents" to get ahead, whether in an office, a loading dock, a store, or especially in politics. After all, to get ahead ...
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Boys Getting Ahead
Lieutenant Jarryd Alyt has given blood and soul in service to the Duke, yet suffering the loss of a beloved companion drives him near the brink of despair. Disillusioned though still loyal, when new recruit Arin arrives, Jarryd is struck by the yo...
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Lieutenant's Love

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