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“I’ll take Authors Bio for $200, Alex.”

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there isn’t much to say. I grew up with parents that were high-school sweethearts and are still married, had four younger siblings to torture during childhood, and made it into adulthood, thankfully, with minimal scars.

I reside in the middle of America with an intense husband, a son who takes after his father, and a daughter who likes to kick it with mom on weekends. The order on the totem pole is clearly apparent, but I also find that kind of abandonment enjoyable.

What is twisted, and aren’t we all?

“And that is the answer to the Daily Double. Thank you all for playing.” 

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Kira Knudson spent most of her adult life avoiding the place she was raised. She never referred to her grandfather’s farm as her home, and she certainly had not friends from her youth. So when Kira returns to the farm to help her grandfather...
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Going Home
Living on her own had never been a problem for Tayen Lone Wolf. Living in society had always been a problem. Thankfully she had her best friend David to help her through her social awkwardness. So after finalizing the divorce and closing the chapt...
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No Going Back
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