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Reesa Shayne is a fresh new voice in contemporary romance. “Moving On” is her debut novel. Reesa worked for many years as a marketing professional, during which time she spent long commutes to Manhattan reading romance novels to pass the time. One day, she sat down with her laptop and decided she wanted to write romance novels, not just read them, and so the story goes... Reesa Shayne recently married the love of her life on a sandy white beach in the Caribbean and resides in a small suburban town in Connecticut, where she and her husband enjoy entertaining guests with their many margarita recipes. You connect wtih Reesa Shayne on facebook at

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Moving On is a fun, light, contemporary romance. Months after an ugly break-up with her fiance that she didn't see coming, Melanie Lawson moves to a new city, and meets a man she just can't seem to stay away from. What's a girl to do, ...
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Moving On

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