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It’s been ten years since sexy bad boy Mark Grifford left Leighan Van Dyke high and dry. Now he’s back in town—as sheriff. Lee is furious but she can’t deny the memories of all the steamy nights in the backseat of his car a...
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Second Chance Heat
  Book 4 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.   Career-obsessed Serenity is thrilled to discover that the fake date she’s procured for a big company dinner leads an alternative lifestyle. What better way to avoid any ...
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Stealing Serenity
Tristy’s neighbor Grant is every woman’s dream. He’s handsome, sexy and a hero cop. They’re pals, though she thinks he might want more. But Grant is a Dom and Tristy has no experience in the BDSM lifestyle. It scares her. S...
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Dom Next Door
Book 8 in the More Than Male series. Prequel to Book 1, Nyssa’s Guardian.   Councilor Dekalia is lucky to be alive after a mysterious wormhole bomb scatters the contents of her living quarters to the far ends of the universe. Th...
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Dominating Dekalia
Book 3 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.   Kat Cartwell is a lawyer on vacation. She wants nothing more than to simply lie in the sun and catch up on her law journals, but the handsome and mysterious Julian Morrell has other plan...
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Legally Binding
Book 2 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.   Tabytha Quillen is used to having the last word, both in the bedroom and in her sassy column, “Tabytha Takes On”. Self-described sexual dominant and a trainer of submissive f...
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Taking on Tabytha
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Book 1 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.   Macy wants sexy Jarit Colson in the worst way. Too bad she has a dating code forbidding across-the-hall hook-ups. But her dating rules are shot after one look at his lean, sexy, athletic...
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Managing Macy
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Laila Prescott couldn't get away from Paradise Island fast enough after breaking up with sexy PI Matthew Hardin two years ago. Now her brother is missing and Laila is back on Matthew's doorstep, desperately seeking his help. Matthew never did get ...
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Laila's Bargain
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