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Only Mia Bartholomew could attend a body mod convention and end up at an illegal street race, running from the boys in blue. So what’s a hot-blooded Latina piercer to do? Jump on the first motorcycle out of there, that’s what. She’s...
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Get on
As a red witch, Delia gets her power from one thing—hot, sweaty sex. She has to have a consort to keep her primed, especially now that she’s been chosen as her coven’s High Priestess. But there’s no way her crush Adam is cu...
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Caught in Crimson
  Quinn LaBrea got ditched. Her jerkwad ex-boyfriend trashed her credit and left behind a mountain of debt. Worse, his initials are tattooed on her thigh, an ugly-ass reminder of her utter failure at life. Not to mention her horrible tast...
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Indelibly Intimate
Bryerly Keats just wants a fresh start. Instead she discovers a group of men who prey on women, devouring them to gain powers and immortality. When the men set their sights on Bry, she’s rescued by Verum the Truth Keeper, an ancient being wh...
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Sinful Truth
When Addison Laine discovers her famous late-aunt’s love letters, she never expects a lawsuit over the information they contain.   Enter Jackson Poole, son of the woman responsible for the lawsuit. Addi knows any relationship wi...
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Dear Addi

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