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Today, Renee spends most of her time raising her three own vivacious Titans, along with one cute little Siren with her soul-mate and devoted husband.

She is also an eclectic reader, and loves to curl up with a hot, steamy romance novel. While she’s known as the traditional soccer/paddling mom, she’s also known as the mom who is writing! She is never without her notebook and pen.

In case you’re wondering if her mind is always in the gutter – the answer is yes! She is always thinking up the next wild, wicked romp she’s going to write for her hero and heroine.

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A Note From Renee Field

When myths come true. That's my motto. That's my life. I love to create or add to everyday myths and add that extra special element to ensure that the love between my characters stands out.
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Current Releases
The sweet, innocent lips of a Highland lass awakes something fierce within Cael’s damned heart and the discovery that she’s part Tuatha—a human-fairy hybrid—unlocks something even more potent in her blood. One kiss sends Ta...
Available Now!
Mermen aren't real. That's what biologist Jamie Winters thinks until a gorgeous Greek god enters her life and drowns her, forcing her to rapture into a Siren. Used to logic, she can't quite come to terms with Seth Cutter's magical ...
Available Now!
Maeja, queen of the Dragonian race, believes in words like duty, control and honor. She will do anything to keep her subjects safe from spying Earth technology. Her captain-at-arms knows now is the time to teach Maeja her beastly passion is not a ...
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Beastly Passion
Book three in the Darklander Lovers series. Warlocks in Lance’s family have been cursed for generations. Revenge pumps in his veins along with his drive to succeed in the human corporate world. During a blind date with his coworker, he disc...
Available Now!
Be My Warlock Tonight
Book two in the Darklander Lovers series As a surgeon, Hank is used to working with his hands. Good thing, because those skillful fingers are needed to release the passionate wild cats lying dormant in one tigress of a redheaded woman. Naught...
Available Now!
Be My Werecat Tonight
Book one in the Darklander Lovers series. Bidding on a masked man at an auction is all for a good cause, but what happens when he turns out to be a vampire who has the power to unleash the wild woman lying dormant inside you?  As a Da...
Available Now!
Be My Vampire Tonight
When Krista meets Vance sparks literally fly. It’s a good thing he’s been trained as an electrician and knows what sockets need to be fixed. His boy-next-door looks and younger age are a stumbling block for Krista but if there’s one...
Available Now!
Electrify Me
Sweet and Spicy Spells By Renee Field , Christine d'Abo Two sisters, two brothers — and a whole lot of sexy spells. Kisha hasn't been able to cast a single correct spell. Not a good thing when you're a witch. Kisha has two days to master he...
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Sweet and Spicy Spells
What would a woman do if sex no longer eased the ache of being labeled barren? Why, like any "good" naughty woman, she'd set her sights on something deliciously bigger. That's what Tyrana does when a gorgeous man literally runs in front of ...
Available Now!
Love Me Tender
When a woman becomes fertile, the ache for sexual fulfillment is overwhelming. Rowena, a Maida scientist, must learn to spread her legs with as much relish as she has for scientific discoveries. Can she give her body and heart to a man who is more my...
Available Now!
Love Me Wild

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