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Hello Manic Readers,  drop by for some spich fast paced reads. Thanks
Current Releases
Book One in the Molly’s Mayhem series. Can Molly juggle a pair of frisky lovers and prevent her adventurous young mistress from playing fast and loose with her virtue? Yes, she can. Molly O’Dowd is a maid with ambition. She doe...
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Menage a Must
One driving need, two passionate fae, the loving can only be magical. Banished by Titania, Queen of the Fairies, sensual and wilful, Naeme longs to bask in the heat only a lover with fae blood can generate. With the High Summer Hunt about to b...
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Fae High Summer Hunt
  Mia, a virgin warrior for the Keepers of the Flame, was attacked by a vampire. The toxins coursing through her blood have an aphrodisiacal and debilitating effect on her. She needs to have the poisons removed before she takes part in a ...
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Blood & Sex
The Were Chronicles, Book 1 Sent to live in the city long ago for her own protection, Saffa has always longed to return to her mountain home. She is a multimorph, and women of her rare bloodline are highly prized by those who aspire to supreme po...
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Her Chosen Wolf
All work and no play makes Jenna a dull girl until she meets Dante, the hot Italian stud who has nothing but the business of teaching her pleasure on his mind in Renee Michaels' Descent into Pleasure.
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Goin Down Book 1- Descent Into Pleasure
cruel and merciless king, sorceress Syra ap Syrren must join forces with the man destined to be her bondmate. Rhys Sorren, the powerful and driven warrior lord is reluctant to claim her, fearing it would endanger her. Their bond is forged by a searin...
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The Sword and the Sorceress

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