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Reno MacLeod lives with his partner and co-writer Jaye Valentine in a small New England town on Cape Cod. Together they write gritty, not-for-the-faint-of-heart gay fiction (urban fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary).

In addition to writing, Reno creates cover artwork, much of which can be seen on their various books, and has conversations with what he suspects are ghosts.

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Current Releases
  Published by M&V Tailz Father Marcus Ignatius Leeds, a Jesuit priest, has no idea what he's really getting into when he arrives in Boston, Massachusetts. As a Vatican City investigator for the Congregation of the Causes of S...
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The Visionary: Welcome to the Fold
  Published by M&V Tailz Skyscrapers. Tall, intimidating, a symbol of power to all who stand in the midst of their imposing shadows. Zane Garrison invokes these qualities from his lofty offices high above Crystal City near Washin...
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Skyscrapers: Code of Conduct
  Published by M&V Tailz In this first sequel to Let Them Try by MacLeod and Valentine, retired Baltimore cop Rick Baker and his new lover—a fallen angel calling himself "Diego"—hit the road together to p...
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Let Them Try Harder
  Published by M&V Tailz StarCrossed 4: In the Blink of an Eye takes us back to Salem, Massachusetts, where the town is evolving from openly making amends for its witch-burning past to something darker. While some people choose to...
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StarCrossed 4: In the Blink of an Eye
Published by M&V Tailz   The police motto "To Serve and Protect" takes on all new meaning in LET THEM TRY by authors Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine. Twenty-six years of dedicated duty as one of Baltimore's fi...
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Let Them Try
Published by M&V Tailz Courage. Patriotism. Words rendered meaningless when Erik's brother Howard returns home from Afghanistan in a flag-draped casket. After losing a limb in combat, Greg understands the raw sorrow of loss. Erik and G...
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Purple Hearts
by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine Twenty-year-old Christopher "Kit" Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport, but finds his lack of interest in formal educ...
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A Perfect Game
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Published by M&V Tailz Angel Tears is a "deleted scene" from the novel StarCrossed 3: Objects in the Mirror. The authors felt it slowed the pace of the story. However, character development and information in this scene will bec...
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StarCrossed 3 1/2: Angel Tears
  Published by M&V Tailz A dull, full moon weekend becomes more interesting when identical twin demons Jace and Konnor encounter Ariel, an angel in distress. Ariel has an itch to experience the darker side of earthly life, and...
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StarCrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim
Published by M&V Tailz Ethan, a globetrotting wildlife photographer, writes erotica when things get slow. In search of a story, he meets dominant David, and David's beautiful partner, Kiyoshi. Little does Ethan know he's about ...
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Soft Focus
Published by M&V Tailz Famous for the witch trials of 1692, Salem has been trying to smudge out the horrible images of murder and injustice for centuries. In a complete turnaround, the town began welcoming all witches, and by the early 21s...
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StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz

A Peek Into the Life of Reno MacLeod

"Like Magnets, We Attract" Artwork done for anthology

"Like Magnets, We Attract" Artwork done for anthology
Jace and Konnor Barton art by Reno MacLeod

Jace and Konnor Barton art by Reno MacLeod

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