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Reve Garrison

Wife, mother, steady career in the health care industry, and now a moderately successful writer. I currently have three works published with Dreamspinner Press, and hope to have more in the future!

Writing has been an escape and passion since I was very young. I'm very privileged to have the support of my family in my endeavors. Being published was a dream come true!

I hope all of you find and fulfill your dreams!
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Current Releases
Heart's Salvation - After losing his wife and daughter in a car accident, a distraught Nathaniel approaches the church for comfort, seeking the statue that is said to heal emotional distress. When the angel embodied in statue feels the depth of Na...
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A Brush of Wings
Cris is having a bad day. First he’s dealing with his boss’s unwanted advances. Second he’s setting up a Christmas tree under threat of unemployment. And third, he falls off a ladder after a customer bumps into him. The frosting on ...
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Catch a Falling Star
Park Ranger Alex Richardson saves marine biologist Gaige Scott from an icy river, and heat flares between them immediately. But Gaige isn't ready for commitment, and it's all too easy to let the long-distance relationship grow cool. When a late-night...
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Poems, Prayers, and Promises

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