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Rhian Cahill is the alter ego of a stay-at-home mother of four. With motherly duties rapidly dwindling Rhian is able to make use of the fertile imagination she used to keep herself sane for all those years of slavery. Having spent some years living overseas and visiting tropical climates has helped inspire some steamy stories. Multi-published in erotic romance and contemporary romance, Rhian, with the help of Mr. Muse, spends her days and nights writing.

When not glued to the keyboard you’ll find her book in hand avoiding any and all housework. For more on Rhian visit her website or you can contact her at or connect on Twitter - or Facebook - or you can download Rhian’s free app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

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Current Releases
He’ll give her everything…if she dares to give him her heart. Hearts Are Wild, Book 2 Her dream job waiting for her in Perth, Shaye Adams has thirty days to pack up her life. There’s just one hot piece of unfinished business ...
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Dare You To
There’s something familiar about the gorgeous woman across the crowded club. When he “accidentally” bumps into her, Alex Dean is shocked to discover what it is: The tall, leggy blonde is none other than Sadie Emerson, his college ma...
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Her Daring Mistake
It’s all…or nothing. Hearts Are Wild, Book 1 Zac Moreland knew he shouldn’t act on the sizzling attraction between him and his best friend’s little sister. But act he did, and he can’t forget that one night he let...
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No More Talking
Jack had a great reason to be over Christmas: it’s not seasonal blues, it’s his family business, and there’s only so much tinsel you can have in your life without feeling bah humbug about it. But this year is different. He’...
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A Touch Of Frost
***Previously published in the Down & Dirty box set*** It's more than a game when their hearts are involved. For one night Kitty is going to pretend she's someone else. Someone not afraid of going after what she wants. And what she ...
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Pass The Parcel
When the light turns yellow, it’s time to step on the gas. Are You Game?, Book 3 You never forget your first. Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Kelsey Newman’s first love. Years spent ignoring the ache she fee...
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Red Light, Green Light
Meet the Housewives of Sydney. They are wealthy, elegant, poised, and constantly in the public eye. But what goes on behind closed doors, in the private homes and parties where the cameras and paparazzi aren’t welcome? Delve into the most perso...
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Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives - Virginia
Pleasure intensified. Desire multiplied.  Burning Up by Sami Lee  Pam Spencer is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places. Sure, she wants a solid relationship, but if steamy casual sex is on offer, who is she to turn it down?...
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Down And Dirty
Rhian Cahill's Shut Up and Kiss Me Jacqueline Mowbray has spent months fantasizing about her friend Kyle, and never once did she consider he might have the same unrelenting attraction ... But Jac is about to find out that what Kyle wants ...
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Hot Down Under Bundle 1
In this game of chase, a kiss isn’t the only reward.   Are You Game? Book 2 Divorced with two teenage daughters, Jody Walsh doesn’t need any more complications in her life, and Dan O’Conner is proving to be a big one. ...
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It’s all fun and games until their hearts are on the line. Are You Game? Book 1 Cassandra Moreland’s hard work to build her party-planning business is starting to pay off. There’s only one thorn in her side—a six-foot-...
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7 Minutes In Heaven
Are you ready to play? Truth or Dare by Rhian Cahill After the hell her marriage put her through, Miki isn't ready to put her heart out there again. Then, at the most insane house party she's ever attended, she runs into two blasts from h...
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Party Hard - Print
Sometimes Santa doesn’t give you what you want — he gives you what you need. The last thing Jenn wants this Christmas to be is merry. Hibernating in her apartment is the perfect plan for someone who has lost way more than just her Chri...
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Secret Santa
From one bad date to two hot lovers… Sunnie always thought she’d have the perfect normal life by now, but every guy she dates turns out to be a bigger dud than the last. It’s a shame her two best friends are off limits. Rand and...
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Sand, Surf and Sunnie
She’s done with the dating scene. He wants a lifetime of Valentine’s Dates. Brent had his chance to be Valentine’s date and he blew it. But loving his best friend’s little sister from afar isn’t working. When she call...
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Valentine's Dates
  The city of Sydney isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. Jacqueline Mowbray has spent months fantasizing about her friend Kyle and never once did she consider he may be suffering the same unrelenting attraction. But Jac ...
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Shut Up And Kiss Me: Hot Down Under
  She didn't plan to fall in love, but he's not accepting anything less.   Emily has a five year plan, and romance isn't on it. Unfortunately no one told Wade Johnson that.  Wade never thought he’d need to r...
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New Year's Kisses
This Christmas, Santa is granting wishes these two friends never knew they had. Helping his best friend photograph a bunch of hyperactive kids is suddenly the least of Dean Hall's problems when he sees the costume Talli wants him to wear. No g...
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Christmas Wishes
Beach Bums Collection Bondi Beach Boys by Rhian Cahill What's a girl to do with two sexy Aussie surfers? Ride the waves, of course... After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy in...
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Beach Bums Collection - Print
Just when you think you know the rules, the game changes. Party Games, Book 4 Lillian McDermott can’t complain about the years she’s spent at the top of a career she never wanted. But modelling gave her everything. Amazing experienc...
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Spin The Bottle: Party Games Book 4
  Daring to tell the truth will change the rules of this game forever. Party Games, Book 2 When her friend deserts her at an exclusive Sydney house party, Miki Drummond retreats to a corner to observe the insanity. Watching life go by i...
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Truth Or Dare: Party Games Book 2
** ORIGINALLY RELEASED SEPTEMBER 2011 - RE-RELEASED OCTOBER 2013 WITH NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGES **     Claire Jones never thought her fantasies about the hot—younger—guy next door would ever turn into her reality but aft...
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All of You
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Coyote Hunger Book 3 Gordie “Doc” Monroe has kept Steve McKenna at arm’s length for years, except all her previous tactics aren’t working any more. He calls to her inner coyote like no other, and even fearing what he makes ...
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Coyote Whispers
  What’s a girl to do with two sexy Aussie surfers? Ride the waves, of course… After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. There’s just one problem&m...
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Bondi Beach Boys
In love with Meredith for as long as he can remember, Logan is finally going to claim her as his. And he’s not above using their off-the-charts chemistry to convince her to take another chance on love. This time with the right man. After dum...
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Doing Logan
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Coyote Hunger Book 2 Animal urges are nothing new to Brogan Wilder. Being a coyote shifter, he’s used to them. But nothing he’s ever experienced comes close to the bone-deep hunger Elise Crawford makes him feel. Claiming a mate is supp...
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Coyote Wild
Coyote Hunger Book 1 Running for her life, Rowan Wilder is forced to leave Whispering Mountains and all she holds close. She never dreamed it would be six years before she could return. Or that it would this hard to reconnect with not only the peo...
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Coyote Home
** ORIGINALLY RELEASED AUGUST 2009 - RE-RELEASED NOVEMBER 2013 WITH NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGES ** Carly has lusted after her boss for months and while on a business trip to Singapore she throws caution to the wind and suggests a fling. But Saxon Grant...
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Singapore Fling
** ORIGINALLY RELEASED APRIL 2009 - RE-RELEASED NOVEMBER 2013 WITH NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGES ** A night of fantasy was all she wanted. Spending the night with Tom was a daring step in Beth’s new resolve to please herself instead of others. On...
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One Night In Bangkok

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