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Prepare to be boarded...for romance. Laura Stanek is a single mom and a romance author whose daughter badgers her until she enters a contest for a free pirate themed cruise. It all seems like high camp, until little Feylen is frightened by one of ...
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Summer Pirate
Welcome to the world of Tamara, her anal retentive fiancé Jason and Connor, from a small hick town in Pennsylvania. On the way back from what should have been a routine road trip, Tamara is persuaded by her driving partner to stop off and s...
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Those Hills
When Jessica Taren, working late, falls asleep at her desk, she wakes up to a shocking email... a naked picture of her handsome boss. As it turns out, all the jokes about him not being human turn out to be true. Only latent empath Jessica can do a...
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Cyber Daemon: Aeglaeca Warriors 1

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