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  At the mercy of Viking marauders, a Byzantine noblewoman finds a champion willing to risk all in order to see her safely home to Constantinople. Captured by a band of raiders, the young nun Dora is on the precipice of slavery when...
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Rescued by a Viking
  New lovers discover and explore buried passions as existing bonds are challenged by change in the conclusion toCrimson & Steel. Violence and strife paint the background for the final chapter in this series, much as it has alwa...
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Garnet Sky (Crimson & Steel Book 3)
  From the cradle of human civilization comes the story of a woman caught between duty and desire; an erotic interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is the greatest warrior on earth. He has slain every enemy that has come a...
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Samhat's Tale: From the Epic of Gilgamesh
Set in Ancient Rome, Crimson and Steel reveals the fates of two pairs of lovers. Marcus is a Roman general stationed in Noricum. Taciturn and efficient, he keeps order on the frontier as well as in the city. Kell is a willowy young slave girl of N...
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Crimson and Steel

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