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I always knew this day would come. After years of tracking down rumors and clues, I finally have caught up with my old fiancee. However, there's not going to be anything romantic about this reunion. Especially since she's enlisted the aid ...
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Sword of Fate
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Cats always land on their feet I never dreamed I'd be in this situation. When I came to, I discovered I'd been betrayed, drugged, ambushed, caught in the middle of a bar fight, and dropped over a ledge and left to die in a fire. No, ...
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Skin the Cat
Never trust a smiling wolf. You'd think I'd learn after all this time. Within the first twenty-four hours of pulling into the small village of Tanneytown, I'd already been hit on, arrested, framed for burglary, mugged, and dragooned...
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Wings of Fire
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For the female of the species is more deadly . . .   My life just keeps getting better. I'm back in a country I swore I never would return to, I'm broke again, and I'm on the run from Imperial guardsmen...
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Ripples in the Pool
The only thing more dangerous than a snow maiden is being in love with a snow maiden. Talk about your rock and hard place. It all changed in a flash. One minute I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky rogue with a snow maiden as a companion. The n...
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The Black School
  In a game of fox and hounds, making the wrong move can be deadly. It seemed like a simple child's game. However, little did I know after being introduced to the game of Fox and Hounds, I'd soon be playing it for real. It...
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Hunters in Darkness
  Caught between a demon and a devil. One of these days, I’ll learn. How hard could it be? All I had to do was meet a ship and escort the Lady DuMond to meet her new husband, Baron Charles Azul. However, no one warned me we&...
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Shades of Blue
  Never play cards with a wizard . . . I knew I should have checked his sleeves . . . One wrong turn of the cards and I find myself trying to scale a frozen cliff to break into a castle to steal an item to pay off that damn wizard...
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The Mountain of Ice
  The things I do for money… Faced with the choice of going hungry or getting a real job, I had to wonder which was worse. Then, my luck changed when I heard about this old abandoned temple. Seemed like a simple job. Get in, gr...
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The Demon's Head

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