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Japeth Finian, the devout, orphaned son of missionary parents, embarks on a time-constrained journey to Doubloon, the “oasis of the Midwest,” to find a serum that will save the inhabitants of his small town from a blood disease that robs ...
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The Golden City of Doubloon
Marcus moves to New York to party and have sex with every man he’s attracted to.  Then he runs into Griff and his killer smile and is drawn into an all-consuming affair.  He tries to break it off several times, but while his mind s...
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Nine Weeks With Griff
We all dream about getting that phone call or e-mail from someone we used to love, apologizing for their bad behavior.  A soured affair with his college boyfriend, Elgin, set Theo on the path to promiscuity, and he’s only recently yearn...
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Email From an Ex
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