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Like most people my life can be summed up in two catagories. Work and Personal.

As for the work I love writing. I've always been an avid reader, and once I had kids I didn't have as much time to read. So I often made up stories to entertain them. Now that they're all practically adults I write stories to entertain myself. And hopefully you too.

As for the personal stuff I have 3 kids. I've been married to the same guy for too many years to count. After a brief stint in Maine, we're now living back in Worcester Massachusetts.

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Current Releases
Bonnie McQuay has only been in town for a short time, but it was long enough to spark Rhett Blackridge’s interest. Her fast friendship with both his sister and sister-in-law is why he so curious. At least that was the excuse he used for trying ...
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Tell Me You Love Me
Jarrett Blackridge’s assistant Sasha Reylione is one of them most important people in his life. When she’s faced with a threat from her ex-fiancé Jarrett’s first instinct is to protect her. His anger forces him to evaluate ...
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Surprised By Love
Darcy and Thomas had a good thing going or so she’d thought, heck they’d even moved in together. But lately Thomas was so focused on being the king on the courtroom he barely paid attention to her. No matter what she did he seemed to not ...
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Love Me Or Lose Me
Harley Taizer wasn’t used to dealing with her greedy parents. They’d never wanted her and had made it perfectly clear by giving her to her grandfather the day she'd been born. It’s funny how things change when money is involved....
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The Millionaire's Fake Fiancee
Kate Kingston and Brett Montgomery have been fighting their attraction for years. Kate’s older brother Darren has decided it’s finally time for them to admit the way they feel, or lose what he sees as their best chance at happiness. He ...
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Set Her Up' Watch Him Fall
When Tiffany Craig’s father served her with an ultimatum to go to college or he’d cut her off she knew the last thing he expected was for her to turn the tables on him. Sick of her entire family looking down on her she does just that by i...
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Pampered, Polished & Playful
Nicolette Burgolinni has always been impulsive and even a little reckless at times. Her habit of jumping on opportunities hasn’t always worked out for the best. Creating an alter ego and applying for a job as a nanny just to prove to herself th...
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Martinis, Manicures & Mud Pies
Sophia is coming to her younger sister’s rescue yet again, but this time she is going to be facing her hardest challenge yet. Gina’s sudden withdrawal from a baking competition left Sophia no choice but to take her place, even though s...
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Silver Spoons, Sugar & Slow Hot Kisses
Rosie’s uncle Teddy may not have been able to be around all the time, but he was always there when Rosie needed a dose of reality. Unlike her parents he believed that she needed to keep her feet on the ground even though she spent most of he...
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Shit Kickers & Stilettos
Valerie Tucker finds her boss Dell Lexington’s dark, brooding good looks just as sexy as every other woman who lays eyes on him. Too bad for her he can’t even stand to be in the same room with her. Yet when the opportunity to pretend t...
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Tempted By The Tycoon

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To Protect The Heart Of A Brazen Woman

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The Way He Looks At Me
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Amy Dooley is no one’s fool. She knows Slade is out of her league. He’s slick, rich, and sexy as hell. Trouble with a capital T. There’s no doubt in her mind his interest in ...
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Her Mr. Wrong
Amy Dooley is no one’s fool. She knows Slade is out of her league. He’s slick, rich, and sexy as hell. Trouble with a capital T. There’s no doubt in her mind his interest in her won’t last longer than it would take for him ...
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Her Mr Wrong
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Dianne Killbrew made a deal with Gage Dillinger. He did his part, and now she has to spend a week being wined and dined by him. She’ll have to make sure his smooth sexy ways don’t ...
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Sacrifice Turned Seduction (What Are Friends For 2)

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Deliberately Brazen
For two years, Patsy had been working for, and lusting after, her boss, Dexter. Unable to keep hiding her feelings she tries to quit, but her boss refuses to let her out of her contract. Furious, she devises a plan to get herself fired, but everyt...
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8 Ways Onto The Naughty List
Josephine Brazen is the best CPA around, but even she may not be able to help Cameron Elwood out of the mess he’s in. Reluctantly, she takes him on as a client. Cameron pushes her buttons, driving her to distraction. He makes her want to do ...
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Uncommonly Brazen
Suzie Ricker has been fighting her attraction to Tim Elknit for months. He’s constantly popping into the office where she works and watching her with those dreamy brown eyes of his, but she’s been able to resist his charms…so fa...
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Falling Hard and Fast
Lainey Miles wants nothing more than to marry her sexy fiancé Jace Cannon. She’s been putting off setting a date because she doesn’t want the big white wedding her mother’s counting on. Jace isn’t hiding the fact he&rsq...
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Doing It Her Way
Francesca Brazen is working the night shift when her brother-in-law’s sexy foreman checks into the lodge. She has trouble hiding her interest in him. Can she get involved with a man she doesn’t know? After finding him naked in the hall, s...
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Stroking A Brazen Lust
Samantha Brazen’s world is spinning out of control. She’d finally dumped her cheating boyfriend. Then her bother in-law, Trent, blew into town sweeping her off her feet. Trent tears out of town just as quickly leaving her to wonder what, ...
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To Unleash a Brazen Desire
Sarah is sick and tired of being the good girl everyone expects her to be. She’s already made plans to start her new life; she just has one more thing to cross off her list – getting laid. She’s made a resolution this New Year&rsquo...
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Red Hot New Year
Jessie Brazen fell hard for Victor Weatherly, hard enough to marry him during a short whirlwind romance. Then everything fell apart and he left. Now, after a three year separation things have changed. Jessie decides the best thing for everyone involv...
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A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For

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