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Current Releases
Beira, the Winter Hag, has been whisked off to hiding in Loving, Michigan. It's for her own good, she's been told, but she's starting to suspect it's a lot more useful to someone else. With the Winter Solstice rapidly approaching, she...
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Hag in Exile
Adina knows more about Baroque art than anyone else in the United States. Ester knows more about forging Baroque art than anyone else in the United States. Their every encounter simmers with flirtation and frustration. But as long as they stand on op...
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Ester & Artemisia
Wes loves his life traveling the Pagan festival circuit, but he loved it more when he wasn't harangued by women a little too fond of his picture in a popular charity calendar—a calendar that mucked up his bio by stating that he's single...
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Mr. March Names the Stars

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