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Robby Charters has lived most of his life in Thailand where he was born of an Irish father and an American mother. His wife is Thai, and they have one son who plays computer games. At present they live in Northern Ireland, where Robby designs eBooks. In Thailand, he did lots of things, most recently teaching English. He also worked for a year at Mercy Centre, with Father Joe Maier, a shelter for homeless children, which inspired many aspects of the novel Pepe.

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To reviewers:

If possible, could all reviews of my books be posted on the respective book's Kindle page?  Bad reviews included. You should be able to find the link to each one at:

Thank you

Robby Charters

Current Releases
 A Science Fiction Anthology, containing some flash fiction, a novella and three short stories: THE WRONG TIME is a novella in which Sean O'Riley gets lost in a maze of parallel universes; *** A filmmaker of the future, using a new unte...
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The Wrong Time
The world of the late 21st century is divided between Greater China, the Western Block, the Islamic Block and the Southern Free States of Africa and South America. The Western Block is dominated by the multinational corporations, who have created ...
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The Eurasian
Ernie Magawan has been bothered by bazaar recurring dreams of outer space and a green crystal. He's tempted to agree with his twin that he might be off in the head - until, during an archaeology dig, he finds the very crystal and realises he&#...
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The Zondon
The Ben Hur of SF: Eetoo, a shepherd from an obscure planet, was the one prophesied to seek the truth from the birthplace of humanity. He has help from fellow humans as well as non humans. Some species would rather see humanity extinct, and for go...
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Dr. Catrick is a professor at the Feline University in Catropolis. As a young cat, he had a life changing experience that set him on his mission in life, to proclaim that animal species can and should live in harmony. All the while, the rodents ar...
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The Story of Saint Catrick
Pepe doesn't know his true identity but his existence poses a national security threat. He lives in an abandoned construction site with Po, his "sister". President Don Juan Clemente, a quadriplegic, brain linked to massive computer s...
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