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I read for entertainment and I write to entertain. Not all my stories apeal to everyone, and that's okay. I also believe life is too short not to try something new once in a while. I'll write just about anything, so you'll never know what you find.

Current Releases
She’s been watching him from across the bar, an erotic beauty made for other men. He’s suffering a wounded heart and bruised ego, forced on this vacation in hopes of a simple rebound fuck. In this loud, ordinary bar, their lives and bo...
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Sweet on my Tongue
Elly Stine’s sex life has been coasting along in neutral until the slip of a tipsy tongue sets her and husband Josh on a journey of new discovery. After twenty-plus years of marriage, who knew there would be more to learn? Not simply about e...
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Rekindle the Flame
Clay Bower has an insatiable appetite when it comes to his sexual pleasures. His women need to be wild and hot with stamina that matches his own. He’s not interested in relationships, now or in the future, and even the sexy banker with the q...
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Dance for Your Sex

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