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Robert A. Hunt

I am a committed writer. Currently I have seven books in the works and the titles I have published to date are; Genation: Earth Volk (Book 1), Genation: Grizz: Rise of the Blackguard, Genation: Verticus.Jasper and the Shelter of Angels, The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend (Book 1) and The Coalmont Legend (Book 2) and Crossbreed Legend (Book3) I am living in British Columbia, Canada.

I have interests in a wide field of art, science and history, but my specialty is in creativity through riveting action and adventure.

When I'm not out studying up on topics related to my writing, I am either spending time with my family or exploring the vast steepness and beauty of Canada's inspirational mountainous terrain. 

Current Releases
From the little mining town of Coalmont comes a legend people rarely spoke about for it was just too fantastic to be taken seriously. Few people know the tale where a quiet little town was home to many mysteries such as the Symiclo curse, an elusi...
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The Coalmont Legend
A boy born into the world, without parents or even many important body parts, was chosen as the least likely to survive terrible surgical experimentations. With the untimely death a new born alien being, specialists set to work in a frantic panic ...
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Genation: Grizz: Rise of the Blackguard
From a massive nebula, the Genation nebula, came a female volk carrying twins. She will not only give birth to Eddy Evon, the narrator of the first Genation story, but she will start an adventure like no other for it will involve the entire planet...
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Genation 1: Earth Volk
High upon the peek of Crater Mountain lives a Legend. As the accounts by many eye witnesses have told, something lives in the wild. Something large and hairy, walking on two legs like a man, but definitely not a man but a savage creature… A...
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The Crater mountain Sasquatch Legend
Jasper is just a regular young man with an incredible story which could change your life. After a near death experience, Jasper finds himself at a second chance for life. Knowing what awaits people on the otherside of life, Jasper sets out to do h...
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Jasper and the Shelter of Angels

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