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Robert A. Rupp

Robert A. Rupp is a mystery science fiction writer and retired information technology executive living in Southwestern Michigan. A Michigan State University graduate and Vietnam War veteran, Robert uses his life experiences to write technically believable, character-driven mystery science fiction and has other novels in various stages of development.

Robert enjoys putting ordinary people into extraordinary situations to connect life's exciting moments to an otherwise mundane life.

In college, Robert studied communication arts with an emphasis on journalism and English, but his interest in writing did not take hold until later in life when he decided to document his Air Force experiences in Vietnam. In 1998, he connected with a published author on the Internet, who helped edit Robert's writing and mentored him on "tight" writing techniques. Since retiring, Robert has finally found the time to get his works in print. Over the years, he has written four books, including his unpublished war experience and three novels to be published this year.

Current Releases
Bizarre behavior of deer near West Branch, a busy hunting and tourist stop in northern Michigan, is causing hunter concern and links to several deaths. Two rookie reporters and a seasoned veteran from the Detroit Times newspaper, pu...
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Buck Fever

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