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IN A STRANGE NEW WORLD HE FINDS FRIENDSHIP, TREASURE… AND DANGER. Life has not been easy for "Fitz" Fitzgilbert. He has survived the battlefield, personal tragedy, and economic hardship; now all he wants is peace. He moves into an...
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Stairway to Forever
HUNTED IN A PRIMITIVE PAST! Thrown back through the centuries to a war-torn Britain and America, Bass Foster and his fellow castaways control kings and countries by wielding weapons from a highly advanced civilization. But the unsuspecting time...
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Of Beginnings And Endings
THE LAND OF GODS The Land of Gods according to the American Indian legend was a place of plenty, peopled by strange and deadly creatures. And as Bass Foster's fellow castaways in time struggled to save the Indian tribes from Spanish invaders a...
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Of Myth and Monsters
Castaways in Time Book 4 THE TIME PROJECTOR! The Time Projector has been activated transporting Bass Foster's fellow castaways in time to the American wilderness where native Indians battle Spanish invaders. And even as the unlikely band...
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Of Chiefs and Champions
LOST IN TIME! It all began with a small group of people who were trapped in Bass Foster's twentieth-century American home during a terrible storm. Somehow, they were carried back through time and space to an alternate seventeenth-century Engla...
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Of Quests and Kings
TIME TRAP! Drawn through a hole in time and space, twentieth-century American Bass Foster finds himself hailed as a noble warrior and chosen to command--first on land and then at sea--the armies fighting to preserve King Arthur III and his realm a...
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The Seven Magical Jewels Of Ireland
A WHIRLWIND IN TIME It was a storm to end all storms, and when it was over Sebastian Foster and his five unexpected house guests--all refugees from the fury of the wind and rain--should have been happy just to be alive. But when the clouds finally...
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Castaways in Time
Battle to the Death! When Milo Morai, the Undying High Lord, and his Horseclans warriors found the tower ruins, they welcomed it as the perfect citadel from which to hold off the packs of ravenous wolves eager for their blood. But the ancient b...
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The Clan of the Cats
When Milo's confederation forces defeated the army of the tyrannical King Zastros, the High Lord offered a peace settlement his defeated foes could scarce believe, welcoming them as full members of the newly formed Confederation of Easter Peoples...
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Madman's Army
A mad king slain, a realm to reclaim. The High King Zastros and his evil witch queen had finally met their match when they'd challenged Milo Morai and his Confederation Army to battle. Yet with the menace of Zastros destroyed, the Confederatio...
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Trumpets of War
Ruins from the past, menace to the future Milo Morai, the Undying High Lord of the Horseclans, secure in the knowledge that peace had once again come to the Kindred clans, now journeyed with a select band to explore unknown territory. Perhaps in t...
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The Memories of Milo Morai
"Be reconciled, or be destroyed!" For some time, trouble had been brewing between clans Linsee and Skaht. Many men and women had been killed in raids, and the feud between them threatened to spill over and engulf all the Kindred clans...
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A Man Called Milo Morai
Bloodfeud! In the evil time after civilization fell apart, the Undying High Lord Milo Morai gathered together as many children as he could save and set about teaching them the laws of survival. Over the centuries, Milo’s children wandered...
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Horses of the North
She rode into legend… Shunned by her own folk as a creature of Evil, Bettylou Hanson found an instant welcome among the people of the Horseclans. Young, healthy, intelligent, and gifted with powerful mindspeak potential, she was everything ...
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A Woman Of The Horseclans
Only one thing stands between the Skohshuns and victory—the deadly challenge of Bili the Axe and his warrior band… Besieged! The day of prophecy has come at last—the time for Bili and Prince Byruhn to rally their troops for t...
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Champion of the Last Battle
Bili leads his forces in desperate battle against an arm of bloodthirsty invaders… The gathering of the host. With the help of powerful inhuman allies, Prince Byruhn has persuaded Bili and his warriors to delay their return to Confe...
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Bili The Axe
Can Bili’s warriors stand alone against the deadly menace of the Witchmen and the mountain savages? Which is mightier—science or the sword? Stranded in a land peopled by wild cannibal tribes and monstrous half-humans, Bili of M...
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The Witch Goddess
??Lost in a strange and violent land, can Bili of Morguhn and his warriors escape a sorcerous trap? Out of the jaws of destruction When the Witchmen caused the earth to move and called forth the fires from the mountain’s inne...
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The Death Of A Legend

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