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Robert B Appleton

A native of Bolton, England, I write mainly science fiction and paranormal mysteries. Readers will often find themselves in atmospheric settings - past or future - where human survival plays an instrumental role. 

My eBooks include The Eleven-Hour Fall (a sci-fi adventure trilogy) at Eternal Press, Cafe at the Edge of Outer Space, and Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth. I also write the imaginative Esther May Morrow paranormal series as Arthur Everest.

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A Note From Robert B Appleton

Books coming in 2009! Check back for further details...

Kate of Kratos: Book Three of the Eleven-Hour Fall Series (sci-fi novella, Eternal Press) - May
Sunset on Ramree (WW2 war novelette, Eternal Press) - July
The Basingstoke Chronicles (fantasy novel, Uncial Press) - August
Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth (sci-fi novel, Lyrical Press) - September
Current Releases
You are invited to the galaxy’s most prestigious beauty pageant. Clothing optional. Romance and danger...fully provided... Cocky young Detectives Gerry Rappeneau and Sebastian Thorpe-Campbell arrive at the premier lunar resort expectin...
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Claire De Lune
The last will and testament of a forgotten Earth… An Impulse Power story. For Captain Steffi Savannah and her crew of deep space smugglers, life has become little more than a dogged exercise in mere survival. Their latest disastrous he...
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The Mythmakers
The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack! Join Godiva Randall, the beautiful daughter of a powerful politician, as she puts her paratrooper unit’s motto to the test. A delicate truce on Hoarfrost’s ic...
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Godiva in the Firing Line
There was something decidedly unusual about the dead body found floating off the coast of Cuba. The wool of his garment, while only twenty years old, was from an animal extinct for over nine thousand years. A group of professional scuba divers, inclu...
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The Basingstoke Chronicles
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Dr. Val McCormick runs a successful movie makeup effects business, Splatter House FX. But there's something a little different about the life-like stunt doubles he mutilates on camera. They're a little too life-like. Dead bodies, in fact--re-animated...
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Val and Tyne
It is the deadliest crocodile attack ever recorded. On February 19th, 1945, a thousand Japanese soldiers retreated into the fetid mangrove swamps of Ramree Island. Days later, only twenty were found alive. History has come to know it as the massacre ...
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Sunset on Ramree
The final installment in Robert Appleton’s sci-fi survival trilogy. Jason Remington has been abducted by a monstrous creature. Having barely survived the ocean crossing, Kate Borrowdale must track him through an alien forest and over its lo...
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Kate of Kratos
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Your glass fruit bowl from Esther May Morrow’s gift shop shall be filled nightly with the following ingredients—money, diamonds, anything you could possibly dream of! There is no three wish limit. No one else knows your secret. As lo...
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Fruitless: An Esther May Morrow Fantasy
Julie Blalock is approaching thirty and has an unfulfilling job with an accountancy firm. But she also has a secret—she was once an MI6 Agent. A personal tragedy forced her to quit eight years ago, but a chance offer to return for a one-time op...
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Lot 62: An Esther May Morrow Mystery
Grandiloquence - a lofty, extravagantly colorful, pompous, or bombastic style, manner, or quality especially in language     It is the distant future. A giant exoskeleton built around the earth permits anyone who can pay the price, acces...
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One woman. One man. A daring voyage across an alien ocean. The Elemental Crossing is the exciting sequel to Robert Appleton’s science-fiction adventure, The Eleven-Hour Fall.   After their hard-won escape from the perils of the desert, K...
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The Elemental Crossing
In the distant future, our overpopulated planet requires all sixteen year olds to undertake a ten-year exile as a rite of passage. Paired with a mate on the voyage out to kick-start adulthood, they must all pass through the café on the edge of...
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Cafe at the Edge of Outer Space
Who is Esther May Morrow? Why is it that her strange shop, resembling something out of medieval England, has remained unchanged from the nineteenth to the twenty-third century. What is she selling? And who will come to buy...? Stories in this coll...
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Esther May Morrow's Buy or Borrow
What if you fell from a great height...towards a ground you couldn't see...and hours later, you were still falling? For survival, for love, on a mysterious planet light-years from home. With the man of her dreams unconsious in her arms, astronaut ...
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The Eleven-Hour Fall
1913. As the quiet English town of Leighton is rocked by several mysterious deaths, a stranger appears at the home of local Police Inspector Jonathan Greetham. The man’s description of an unearthly pursuer is puzzling. Before long, a bizarre ch...
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The Stag Antler

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