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Robert Delgado

Robert Delgado was a jolly friend, a promising football player and a staunch punk-rock fun. Nobody expected him to become a monk! However, at the age of 19, a sudden inspiration changed his life altogether - and two years later it took him into a Uruguayan forest to lead the life of a hermit. For three years he meditated and prayed in solitude, living in utter simplicity.


During this period, Robert become close to a man of knowledge, who had a good number of followers in the country. Robert felt that this man could teach him. The man, however, requested Robert to join the Ramakrishna Order in the Buenos Aires Ashram where he himself had been trained.


After eight years as a monk in that country, Robert finally felt he had learnt all he could from the Ashram. It was then, that, following a dream, Robert traveled to London, and joined the London Vedanta Center, where he soon became the Vedanta magazine editor, learned Italian and translated Ramakrishna's main biography into Spanish.


Altogether he lived at the Vedanta Center, in UK, for 16 years. During that period he wrote Meditation on the Imitation of Christ: A Vedantic Interpretation, which is the only Vedantic commentary ever written on that Christian bestselling classic.


In 2004, Robert Delgado moved to India, where he spent two years studying different philosophies and the complex Indian culture. In 2007, he made his last trip to India and became Swami Chidakarananda.


In 2013, he moved to the Vedanta Society of Southern California.


Tapping from his deep and extensive experience of Easter and Western philosophies and cultures, Robert creates the series of The Rishis, whose first volume is The Rishis and the Book of Secrets (Published by Eternal Press). A story that emphasizes the magical and mystical side of the extraordinary power and knowledge of the ancient rishis. It is a unique fictional story based on real archaeological discoveries, where he fills with rich and vivid imagination the lines that history could never tell.


He is at present staying in Argentina, where he recently published The One Infinite Being, and continues to work on the fiction series of The Rishis.


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About the book: Out of friendship and need is born the power to save but they must dare use it. More than 3,500 years ago a terrible crime took place in the sophisticated city of Gonur. The power and knowledge held by the wise Rishis was stolen b...
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