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Robert Grand is an author, publisher and aerospace engineer. During his 23 years in engineering, Robert worked for McDonnell Douglas, Cirrus Design, NASA and Pratt & Whitney, supporting numerous aeronautical programs, including:  Advanced F-15 engine design, Space Shuttle launch flight path evaluation, ST-50 proof-of-concept aircraft design and testing, and jet engine liner overhaul and repair on 737, 747, 757, MD-80, MD-90, DC-10, MD-11, A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

Robert’s inspiration for The Rise of Global Insurgency came from his first love - flying. He earned a private pilots’ license, allowing him to enjoy commanding a Grumman Tiger aircraft.

During his spare time, Robert enjoys gaming on his PS3, including:  Hawx, Hawx 2, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Gran Turismo 5 and Uncharted 2 (eventually 3).  He also is a website and Android App programmer.

Robert grew up within walking distance of Michigan stadium and loved to hear the roar of the crowd on football Saturdays.  Even though life took him in different directions for college, Robert is still a big University of Michigan fan, with football and basketball being his favorite sports to watch.

Robert resides in South Lyon, Michigan with his beloved Carol and their Italian Greyhound dog Sofie. Both Robert and Carol enjoy watching Blu-ray movies in their home theater while relaxing in stadium-style seating and eating freshly made old-fashioned popcorn. Some of Robert's favorite movies include: The Hunt for Red October, Star Wars series, Star Trek Series, Top Gun, Aliens, Love Actually, Indiana Jones series and Contact.

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The world is suffering from the effects of out-of-control terrorism. Governments are spending huge amounts of precious capital for the safety and security of air and rail transportation as well as inspections at all sea ports.  The global eco...
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