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Robert Bennett is a social worker and writer who focuses on issues of disability.  His articles, which appear in both local and national publications, have spanned a wide range of topics.  He has spoken to groups of physical therapy students, church members and senior citizens, and has appeared on several radio programs.  In writing about the issues people with disabilities are involved with he feels he has learned a very important lesson,  "It is the act of truly living and believing in yourself that is important, not the manner in which that action is undertaken."  Contact Mr. Bennett through his website at

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The year is 2021.  Natural forces have changed our world.  As the Earth's magnetic poles have shifted, pressure on the planet’s mantle layer is building.  The bottom line . . . earthquakes now wreak havoc in areas they hav...
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Blind Traveler's Blues
Douglas Abledan is blind. But a blind man may just see something everyone else missed. A modern day miracle, a Virtual Sensory GPS unit, helps him navigate his world - but on one critical day it fails and Douglas apparently stumbles upon the scene...
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Blind Traveler Down a Dark River
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