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From Nebraska homesteader stock, I grew up in Colorado and was a member of the first MA creative writing program at Colorado State University in 1973.  But in 1975, I left that to the dogs and returned to the remnants of the family farm and was a fourth generation dryland wheat farmer for twenty years.  During those years I also published my first book of poetry (Windfall Journal, Jelm Mountain Press, 1980), my first regional history (Plainscape, 1987), and my first novel, a literary mystery set in Mexico (Something In Vallarta, Permanent Press, 1991).

Since giving up my own farming, I’ve done itinerate farm labor, substitute teaching, and conducted escorted excursions in Latin America, while continuing to write cultural essays, history, fiction, and poetry.  I still live in southwestern Nebraska, but also have a relationship with west coast Mexico that goes back forty years.  Experience in both those cultural geographies continues to infuse my work.  In 2000, a biography on a Mexican politician, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas and the Roots of Mexico’s New Democracy, and a novel, Homefield: Sonata in Rural Voice, appeared. I won the Nebraska Arts Council’s Literary Achievement Award that same year.

At age 57, I returned to academic studies at the University of Nebraska, receiving an MA in Latin American History in 2006.  In 2007, I was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Buenos Aries, studying and writing about Argentina’s frontier history.  I am currently at work on a historical novel based on my time there.  A new book of poetry was published in 2009, Days In San Blas.  A history, Search for the Camino Real: a history of San Blas and the road to get there, appeared in 2011.

Current Releases
Cotton Waters is a gringo expatriate in exile on the Mexican west coast, an illegal alien and ex-political activist with old and unresolved legal problems in the U.S. Known to his cantina buddies as "Algo," or Something in Spanish, for year...
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Something to Die for (the Cotton Waters stories) (Volume 4)
Something for Nothing is set in the swampy lowlands of coastal Nayarit. Its locales are perceptively observed, the background history entirely plausible, and the dialogue faithfully echoes the voices of its motley crew of colorful characters. Seeking...
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Something for Nothing
A gringo expatriate on the Mexican west coast, Cotton Waters is known to his cantina buddies as "Algo"—Something in Spanish. Algo is an ex-political activist and beach bum. In Nayarit fishing villages, he scrounges his lazy living and...
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Something Like a Dream

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