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Roberta Pearce’s relationship with romance novels began when she fell into a box of her aunt’s dog-eared treasures that miraculously opened at the most interesting bits. All through post-secondary adventures – Russian Lit: good; torrid love scenes: better – this amour de HEA took her, though it goes without saying that she failed French. One day, she decided to make a useful contribution to society and write HEAs rather than just reading them, and still seeks one for herself in real life.

Winner of 2013 & 2014 NaNoWriMo, Pearce is still waiting for her cheques. Her influences include Fyodor Dostoyevsky [his dreamy side], Douglas Adams, Rupert Brooke, Emma Darcy, and Omar Khayyam. While she currently has no pets, she once had a pair of Siamese fighting fish named Pat and Mike, whose ghosts appear occasionally in her novels. Her imaginary hobbies include climbing Kilimanjaro and enjoying lofty literature. Her real hobbies include drinking copious bottles of wine with good friends while discussing anything that pops to mind.

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Current Releases
Someone killed Adie Wilding—and now they’re trying to kill her again! Just a normal twenty-something girl, with a couple or four boyfriend mistakes behind her and a recent relocation to London, Adie Wilding is living an ordinary life. ...
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Famous Penultimate Words
Caught in a moment—sociopath meets good girl. Everyone knows that Ford Howard is not the sort of man a smart girl plays with. But Erin Russell rediscovers her playful side right about the time she meets him—so challenges the sexy man t...
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The Value of Vulnerability
What makes the world go ’round . . .? After an impoverished and indigent childhood, Callie Dahl is interested in one thing: money enough to buy her own home. Love and marriage are impractical pursuits, and hold zero attraction for her—...
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A Bird Without Wings
They were ancient history . . . Or were they? Fiona’s very different from the naïve girl who tried to seduce the object of her teenage fantasies five years ago—who, as it happened, was secretly engaged! Noah Wilding is back in her...
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For Those Who Wait

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