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Robin A. Dilks grew up in the small town of Midland Park New Jersey. She is a lifetime resident of the garden state. 
She writes two blogs and currently works for the Ocean County Library System. When she is not at her antique store in Galloway, New Jersey she is writing fiction, blog posts, short stories, testing recipes, watching sci-fi movies or chasing her two bulldogs who are always into mischief.
She collects Japanese vintage porcelain, samurai swords, and loves target shooting with her family.She lives with her husband Tom at the shore and two of their, seven children. 

Patton and Annabelle her two dogs, are her writing partners. They are always hard at work providing valuable incite into her efforts. Having been a closet writer for over twenty-five years, she began writing publically almost four years ago and has never looked back. 

Her favorite saying "If you do nothing more in life do what you love. It may not make you rich, but it will always make you happy.

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What if the stories of Lilith are wrong? What if she wasn't the demon legend portrayed. Instead maybe she was the first woman to walk away and say, "Screw it. I'm outta here."  Racheal is sucked into her mother's world w...
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Racheal Awakened

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Racheal Awakened

Racheal Awakened


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Racheal Awakened 

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