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My name Is Rocky Rochford, I am an early 20 year old Writer, born and breed from the UK, but instead of living a Life in the cold, wet England, I currently reside in Spain, where I have lived for the past decade and based one of my novels here, which is also my first published novel and the first novel of the Deep Water Series: Phoenix Rises, an espionage novel that is a thriller, fuelled by the protagonist's (Royal Navy Captain John Herman Lewis), strong desire for revenge oh and I have two other books going through publication at this very moment.


Not only content with just novel writing, my background features varies activities, such as for the last 6 years I have taken to journalism, be it freelance or as a columnist. I am a writer of poetry and have actually completed a poetry book I am to publish sometime soon. I've penned a screenplay for a Music academy, only to have it be cancelled due to budgetary problems, which also saw a Feature length film written by me, also terminated.


I've also been the writer to a number of animations on both Youtube & I have shot and written my own shot films, but am not only limited to the written word, for I am also a fully trained PADI Divemaster, for like writing, scuba diving is another love close to my heart and conservation. Jacques Cousteau is an idol of mine and always will be, he did a lot of good for this world and his family continue his legacy. Oh and I'm also a wake-boarding jet-ski driving enthusiast, whether I'm on it or in it, the Sea is my true home and where I like to spend my most time, when not busy in the writing seat, working on my current projects.


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Current Releases
The Spirit of Iris - The Battle for Oceania Begins:    Set  in  a  world  much  unlike  our  own,  on  a  lonesome  planet  at  the  end  of  the  uni...
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The Spirit of Iris
When Terrorists commanding a nuclear submarine had kidnapped the British Prime Minister, a small Special Ops unit was despatched to rescue him and neutralize the terrorist threat. The plan was simple, but betrayal soon followed, resulting in the deat...
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Phoenix Rises

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