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Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Texas and New Mexico I developed a love for trucks and the music they play when you put the fuel to the powerful engine. I also enjoyed reading anything and everything about the old west,( the mid to late 1800s is an era that I no doubt should have been born into.). With that said, a lot of my friends, especially the ladies, were surprised when I started, as a way of stress relief, writing soft easy erotica/romance stories. With their help editing and a lot of readers’ encouragement, I published a small collection of the short stories. Some of them even said that, for a man, I might know just a bit too much about the female psyche! (Their words not mine, so as not to shoot myself in the foot and give the impression that, even for a second, I might even start to comprehend the complexity of the women folk.) Okay, now that I have tiptoed around a very fine line I will say, I put the two things that I enjoy together and wrote a romantic/erotic story of a wagon train moving west in 1868. 


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When he was a mortal man many hands had restrained him as he was forced to watch them take from his wife Elisabeth,all she had to give then take her away her life. He learns he can revenge her death if he accepts the power of the night. The power ...
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Kindred Spirits: Book One: An Unexpected Love

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