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  Spanning the adult ambit, this collection of steamy short stories from erotica superstar Roger Frank Selby is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how hot. Treat yourself to A Damned Good Rogering this season, courtesy of Roger Frank Selb...
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A Damned Good Rogering
It is the night of Two Moons Passing - An important right-of-passage night fishing trip for Jude, a young boatman who has never seen a woman in his life. His is a simple fishing village with sailboats, but where are the women? The small population...
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Catch of the Night
When an attractive female officer helicoptered aboard a submarine at sea triggers the security alarm, just who among the all-male crew is to perform the mandatory full strip-search? It turns out that two marine NCOs are required - but is this some...
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Up Periscope!
An erotic short story with bdsm, spanking, menage and bondage themes by Roger Frank Selby. When the FBI comes knocking with some awkward questions, late one Washington night, British scientist Tony finds that his voluptuous, BDSM-loving ...
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Surprise Witness
Shapely Ms Goodbody of Swallow Cottage, is Mr and Mrs Brown's favourite bed and breakfast landlady until they find out that she has committed a violation of their privacy while the couple perform their exotic lovemaking atop Ms Goodbody's ...
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Milking and Spanking Ms Goodbody
For a handsome man in his prime, when a goddess lives next door, with an apparently undeserving partner, mischief is not too far away.Jaguar E-type enthusiast Jake can't believe his luck when a plumbing emergency get's him inside his sexy ...
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Thou Shalt Not Covet
Farming in the Sixties is becoming a science, but the new hand on Doorstop Farm lacks qualifications as far as the explosive, hard-drinking Farmer Johnson is concerned. Although Tom seems a bit slow, hired at her suggestion, Mrs Johnson finds youn...
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The Farmer's Gun
  The Best of Roger Frank Selby, A Sculptor’s Touch, and other tales A naive young model must pose for a mysterious but afflicted sculptor. Initially disturbed and outraged by his exotic lifestyle and submissive compan...
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The Best of Roger Frank Selby

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