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Rona Simmons is the author of The Quiet Room a historical novel set in Evansville, Indiana, a town generations of her family called home.  Growing up in a military family with its constant duty rotations, Rona was denied the luxury of establishing roots and the comfort of the familiar, but she gained the invaluable opportunity to live abroad and experience diverse cultures. 

Rona was determined to pursue a business career and earned a BA in Economics from Newcomb College and later an MBA from Georgia State.  She spent thirty years in corporate America where she honed her skills in analysis and research, never knowing that she’d make use of those same talents after retiring in unearthing, examining, and constructing stories from the smallest kernel of information. 

Her previous works include a ghostwritten biography of a prominent Atlanta businessman, a collection of short stories compiled from interviews of family and friends from the early to mid 1900s, articles for a local magazine and a horticultural journal, and flash fiction broadcast on internet radio.

Rona now lives with her husband and (she swears) the last member of a passel of cats outside Atlanta, Georgia on eight pine-studded acres.  Though still fascinated by her German-Midwest American heritage, Rona is busy exploring her father’s side of the family for a new novel set in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The Quiet Room
A Collection of Short Stories Almost everyone, with a little prodding, can identify a moment or two from their past that altered their outlook or redirected their life. Often they recall not only where they were or what they were doing at the time...
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Into the Light of Day
After meeting a man dubbed by her colleagues as “Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous”, Meryl Chamblee is in danger of failing in her solemn commitments to family and career.  As she struggles to prove herself in the competitive field of arch...
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Meryl's Commitment

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