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Ron served two tours in Vietnam as an Army helicopter and instructor pilot. He received numerous unit and individual ribbons for combat action, to include being awarded the Air Medal 31 times; once with “V” device for valor.

Honorably discharged in 1969, he joined LAPD as a policeman and pilot/instructor pilot for Air Support Division. Retiring after an on-duty helicopter accident where he received 70 percent burns, he finished his college education. He holds post-graduate degrees of a Masters in Elementary Education and a PhD in Security Administration (with an emphasis in terrorism threats to America’s nuclear resources).

For several years, Ron was a member of a team of private security specialists and special ops personnel who consulted to the Department of Energy in counter-terrorism. For some of this work, he was made an “honorary” captain for the New Orleans Police Department, and commissioned a Colonel and Aide-de-Camp on Louisiana Governor’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Security Task Force.

Joining the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) in 1993 as a crime prevention specialist, he became an authority in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) after completing training in this discipline at The National Crime Prevention Institute at the University of Louisville. His CPTED subject matter expertise led to him being interviewed in “Reader’s Digest,” “Sunset Magazine,” “PetroMart Business,” and Las Vegas Life” magazines. He also was responsible for publishing Metro’s in-house training journal, the “Training Wheel.”

Ron has been a contributing columnist to “Las Vegas Now” magazine, as well as a guest lecturer on Royal Caribbean International cruise lines, addressing citizens’ personal safety issues. Besides authoring BEYOND RECOGNITION, he is a contributing author of stories published in “True Blue--Police Stories By Those Who Have Lived Them”, “True Blue—To Protect and Serve”, “I Pledge Allegiance….”, Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides", and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place".

Ron retired from Metro in 2011. He and his wife Kathy have three children, six grand-children, and live in Las Vegas, NV.


Current Releases
These are the true stories of pilots, crew chiefs, and gunners who risked their lives over the jungles of Vietnam. It is also the stories of those who gave their all while doing the combat missions assigned to the helicopter units.  Proceeds a...
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We Gotta Get Out of This Place
FF&A is an anthology of stories about America's Public Safety Heroes containing the works of PSWA (Public Safety Writers Association members.
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Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides
Beyond Recognition is the memoir of Ronald Corbin, a former Army combat helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran who becomes a Los Angeles policeman, and eventually a pilot for LAPD’s Air Support Division (ASD). Ron’s military training and un...
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Beyond Recognition
What does someone have to do to become a hero? What makes a patriot? The words patriot and hero we throw around in conversation, but how do we recognize such a person? Inside this book you'll read the true-life accounts of heroism, patriot...
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I Pledge Allegiance...

A Peek Into the Life of Ronald D. Corbin

Retired and USO Volunteer

Retired and USO Volunteer
Enjoy Cruising

Enjoy Cruising
Pilot for LAPD

Pilot for LAPD
Army pilot in Vietnam

Army pilot in Vietnam

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