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Rosanne Dingli is an award-winning Western Australian novelist, author of Death in Malta, According to Luke, Camera Obscura, five collections of short stories and a book of collected poems. She has had numerous articles, stories, reviews, columns and poems published Australia-wide and on the internet since 1986. She has worked as teacher, lecturer, workshop coordinator, magazine and corporate editor, travel consultant, cook, manuscript assessor, heraldic artist and business partner. She has travelled widely in Italy, the UK, Turkey, Greece, South East Asia, Holland, and Belgium, as well as most Australian states.

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Being an independent author is hard work. It means keeping track of a number of publishing and promotions aspects, such as updating different sites, sending out news notices and releases, making sure covers are appropriate, and a lot more. Since October 2010, I have been on a learning curve, which being a published author with a publisher since 1991 did not prepare me for. I have forged ahead, though, making sure I have enough support and time to do everything as quickly and correctly as possible. I cherish my readers and fans, and enjoy every word of criticism, support, praise and concern they send.

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The Hidden Auditorium

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The Bookbinder's Brother

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Camera Obscura

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Counting Churches - The Malta Stories

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According to Luke

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Death in Malta

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