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I am normally asked what it was like to grow up in so many different countries. My dad was military, so I've lived in countries all over Europe. I love travelling, and I get to enjoy it as I write. My husband often teases me that I don't possess the discipline to be a member of the armed forces, and I tend to agree.


On top of my love of going anywhere from the corner grocery to any place on the globe, my husband teases me about over active imagination. I’ve had a lot practice, starting as soon as I could talk if my mom is to be believed. Our son and our “nephews and nieces” from our close friends love to compile and retell the stories which we cook up together. Given a rainy afternoon, we will have any scenario from princes and princesses risking all for all they could want or space aliens discovering and exploring new worlds.


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Treasure Lane was on the run from an obsessed roommate when she met James just when she needed someone to lean on. She left New Mexico with no more than the few things she could sneak out of her apartment. She allowed fate to take her where she ma...
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