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Roseanne lives in Ohio with her husband of fifty plus years.  They have six grown children, fourteen grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. She lovea  quilting,  knitting. and embroidery, but there's nothing more fun than to curl up with a good book, unless she's writing one - that is- especially romance or mystery, and a combination of the two is her favorite.

Roseanne has had over 14 stories and more than 30 articles published, several at  Good Old Days, Nostalgia, and Ohio Writer Magazines.Satin Sheets, her first novel, sold over 35,000 copies and it's been revised and released with Books We Love as It's Only Make Believe..

Roseanne taught two classes on writing at Cuyahoga Community College and  now teaches several courses at Long Story Short School of Writing. . check them out at

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Peviously published as A Second Chance and May I Have this Dance CHRISTINE Two years after a bitter divorce Christine Rollin resists the efforts of her daughter's matchmaking until she meets her son-in-law’s uncle, Steven Payton. Confirmed ...
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Two Love Again
After a five year absence, Kate Wesley returns to Twinsburg Ohio to open a florist shop. She’s content with life until Mark Westfield enters the picture. To make matters worse her ex fiancé is back in town, looking to pick up where they ...
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Trouble Comes in Twos
Strange, realistic visions and dreams invade Rebecca Brennan’s mind. When she experiences someone’s pain, she’s determined to find out who shares her mind. Her search leads to a small town filled with Victorian homes and interesting...
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Entangled Minds
Imagine finding a body washed up on your shore. That’s exactly what happened to author, Jordan Blake, during an early Lake Effect snowstorm. So much for her quiet existence. Who was the handsome stranger? And why did he have such an effect o...
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Love on the Rocks
When Michele Markey is forced into marriage to the son of a long time family friend, the only stipulation she makes is he must remain faithful. Brad Lawson agrees, but faithful is one thing, celibate is another. Too bad Brad’s assistant is d...
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It's Only Make Believe
Taking over the police chief’s job in her hometown should have been easy for Callie Johnson. At least that's what she thought. After working in a big city, small town crime would be a breeze. What a surprise when she arrives to find her ...
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All in the Family
After her husband left her for a younger woman, Erica Morris wanted nothing more than for him to pay child support. She organized a group for ex wives with deadbeat dads. She had no idea how many there were. In the process of rebuilding her life, ...
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Deadbeat Dads
Another Day by Roseanne Dowell, a new mature romance published by Books We Love. Never one to act impulsively, 40 year old Meg Baldwin succumbs to the seduction of the young, sexy bachelor next door. Guilt-ridden, ashamed, and afraid her fa...
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Another Day
Roseanne Dowell's Special Edition published by Books We Love features three novels. Time to Love Again The man next door, his granddaughter, and her sister’s ghost help bring Rose Asbury out of her seclusion. Fifty-eight year old,...
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Roseanne Dowell Special Edition
Forced to stay in a nursing home while undergoing therapy, seventy-two year old, Mike Powell refuses to get out of bed, won't cooperate with the nurses, and won’t take his medicine. At least not until he meets Elsa. The tiny, spunky litt...
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Geriatric Rebels
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Harassing phone calls from a killer terrify journalist, Susan Weston after her first big byline. Detective David Morgan investigates the calls and the fact Susan’s bracelet was found at the murder scene. Sparks fly between them in more ...
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Ring Around the Rosy
Imagine being threatened and forced to give up custody of your child. That’s exactly what happened to Vanessa Gleason. A fairy tale marriage turned into a nightmare, Now, alone in the world, Vanessa vows to fight her wealthy ex husband for c...
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Elusive Mission
Imagine finding a hidden room, complete with furniture, a trunk, diary and shadows. Author, Anna Hughes couldn't wait to finish her attic room. Did the shadows hold the secret to why the room was sealed? ...
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Shadows in the Attic
Fate, kismet, or whatever you want to call it is, it turned Interior Designer, Wendy Seidel’s world upside down. From a chance meeting at the airport to Florida and back to Ohio, she can’t believe the strange circumstances that throw h...
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Designed for Love
The man next door, his granddaughter, and her sister’s ghost help bring Rose Asbury out of her seclusion. Fifty-eight year old, Rose Asbury knows people think she’s a recluse, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to be left ...
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Time to Love Again
When Meghan Shelby inherits the family home, she returns to her hometown after a ten year absence. Not only does she find the house is in a rundown, dilapidated condition, there’s a dead body in it. She also discovers a heart-shaped locket w...
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Secrets, Lies, & Love

A Peek Into the Life of Roseanne Dowell

With most of my kids and grandkids

With most of my kids and grandkids
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