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Roslyn Hardy Holcomb was born in North Alabama and has had a disparate career and varied interests. Her lifelong devotion to needle arts led to a stint on the editorial staff of Oxmoor House, the publishing division of Southern Progress, Inc. Regular volunteer work and a passion for child welfare inspired her to leave that field to pursue an advanced degree and a career in social service. Shortly after her preschool age son was born, she decided to become a stay-at-home mother and pursue a writing career fulltime. 

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Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas
Exiled from her homeland and fearing for her life, Astaria was forced into a marriage of convenience. Now the political situation in her country has worsened and she returns in an effort to save her family.  Kaeden is a Marine who specializes...
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Pussycat in Peril
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Orphaned at a young age, Lelia Assad has spent her life in military service as the leader of the Pussycat Death Squad, personal bodyguards to a ruthless dictator. A devout Muslim, she’s never been tempted to break her vow of chastity until she ...
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Pussycat Death Squad
A struggling college student by day and stripper by night, Lola Bordenaux is definitely not looking for love, until one day it literally sweeps her off her feet...and into the nearest Emergency Room. It's impossible to resist the unconditional lo...
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Try a Little Tenderness
Like the sinfully decadent treats she whips up in her bakery, Poppy Blakemore is irresistible, even to a battle scarred warrior like Matthew McAlister. Unfortunately, except for a love for delicious pastry and a passion so hot it leaves them scorched...
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Series Note: Although part of the Off Like a Prom Dress series. this title can be read on its own. Can you get a do-over in love? Teenaged lovers Jack and Dyanne had to get married when an unplanned pregnancy spoiled their fun. After enduring s...
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Let's Do It Again
When Ryannon shows up on Gabriel’s doorstep claiming that he is an archangel with the power to trigger the Apocalypse and that he’s in danger from an End of Days cult, he thinks she’s crazy -- crazy hot -- but still crazy. Despite b...
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Gabriel's Redemption
What are you supposed to do when you’re a girl named Sioux? That’s the question Sioux Dupree has been asking all her life. Superstar pop diva at fifteen. A burned out drug addict at twenty-two, Sioux has had the fight of her life to regai...
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Bounty hunter Perish Blackburn has an unquenchable need to make money. The world is a dark, dangerous place in 2075, a place where only the strong and the wealthy survive. Perish is strong, but she wants to do more than just survive. And to do that, ...
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Rumors of Wars
Despite the forces allied against her Grace Adams is determined to become a conductor on the Underground Railroad and also a doctor. She is Eshu, able to shift into any animal form at will, and she knows this ability will help her in her difficult mi...
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Having been burned by his father's betrayal, real estate tycoon Trip Wakefield has no interest in love or relationships. Until he meets Arietta, a struggling, sultry, blues singer, in his favorite club. Seduced by the silken velvet of her voice, ...
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Santa Baby
  For those of you who enjoyed Buttercream, here’s another delicious story about the “flower children” of the Blakemore clan.   When a massive land development deal brings together high-powered dealmaker Cyp...
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Milk & Honey
Driven and ambitious, Andi McFadden has wanted to be a television producer for as long as she can remember. She was fortunate enough to be mentored by one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood, and after paying her dues she’s now the prod...
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Morning Star
  Pace Whitaker is one of the few women who ever turned fabulously wealthy Jay Adams down. His alpha tendencies were too intense and she stopped seeing him after a couple of dates. Now her brother is missing, along with millions of dollar...
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Drawing the Stud
Being a legendary super model is not enough for self-made woman Vries St. John, she is also a lethal assassin for the infamous Pussycat Death Squad. She revels in the breathless excitement and endless political intrigue that fills her life, until the...
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The Lion in Russia
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Is there anything sexier than a hot man surrounded by adorable kids? Budding entrepreneur and former elite gymnast Caja Montgomery certainly doesn’t think so. A firm adherent to the hit it and quit it school of sex it only takes one encounte...
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Hot for Teacher
Tonya Stephens is a woman who has it all. Not only is her career as the author of a very popular mystery series smoking hot, she also has a thriving business and a robust love life. Then on the night of her greatest triumph a ghost from her past appe...
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Dark Star
As a member of Eshu, those who can shift into any animal at will, Jacob Adams is used to knowing and getting what he wants. And when he meets Mary Katherine Day as they work together on the Underground Railroad, he not only knows that she’s goi...
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How does a hedonistic, hellbound L.A. sophisticate like bad boy rock star Bryan Spencer woo young, gifted and black sweet home Alabama belle Callie Lawson? What type of magical voodoo draws him to her magnolia-scented bosom? Seduced by the unhurried ...
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Rock Star

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