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ROSS S. SIMON was born Samuel Ridings in La Crosse, WI, in 1979.  He moved at age nine to Santa Cruz, CA, where he still lives today, and graduated from Cabrillo Community College, in Aptos, CA, with an AA degree in Basic Liberal Arts.  Mr. Simon's hobbies include pinball gaming, collecting pop memorabilia, and reading very interesting novels of various genres.

Current Releases
In this sinisterly ironic horror short by Ross S. Simon, three freeloading English gamblers bet, successfully, on a team of four jockeys in the Kentucky Derby who turn out to be something more than of this particular according to the Book ...
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By A Bloody Head
In this short horror story by Ross S. Simon, author of "The Snow," a viral scientist's newly discovered leprosy strain, which destroys all but the circulatory system, falls into an unfortunate love triangle between him, a lovely coworke...
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Vein Transplant
When he retires from the First World War to a colonial Indian life of peace, Commodore Clifford Selickton RN is unaware of the blood about to be spilled through that which he unleashes.  Selickton takes a beautiful young priestess, Virhynda, ...
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Red Dahlia
  Blurb It’s a bloody cold winter. Throughout history, he has secretly visited this world again and again.  The Prankster, the mischief-maker, of Norse mythology…Loki.  And now, one Donald Holly—an ordinar...
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The Snow
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