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Hi Readers!  I grew up a country girl in Northern Michigan, but love to visit the big city and live the hurried pace now and then.  Blessed with a vivid imagination, I've created stories and adventures in one form or another for as long as I can remember.  Though my first romantic erotica, FANTASIES R US, was a romp and my most recent, THE SEX SLAVE, part of the Secrets vol.23 anthology, is anything but funny, you'll find a common denominator in my characters.  They are all wounded, they are all passionate, and they all want love.

Current Releases
Princess Danika Dubhraic is a rebel of her own making. A Top Gun pilot, she’s sworn off marriage. But Dani has a secret. She’s been waiting a decade for her lover to tire of being the biggest stud in the galaxy and marry her.  ...
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Two Grooms For Dani
The Sex Slave will take you into a future that is not so alien from our present.  There are still the haves and have nots.  Still politics, secrets and power struggles.  Most importantly there is still the human condition.   Mee...
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Secrets volume 23
Plain-Jane librarian Jayne Applegate refuses to be a virgin for much longer! Fortunately for her, there's Fantasies R Us, a spa that specializes in making sexual fantasies come true. When they offer her a cyborg lover in a poet's shirt with the co...
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Fantasies R Us

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